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Bridge CSF
Bridge CSF

Bridge CSF


Bridges: General Appraisal (GA) metric takes into account the physical condition of a bridge’s major parts. All bridges with a span length 10 ft. or greater, which is Ohio’s bridge definition, are included in this measure, except for ODOT’s 154 major bridges. Major bridges are funded separately so they are managed individually from the GA metric.


GA for each bridge is measured on a scale from 0 (closed) to 9 (new). All inspected bridges in the country use this scale and system. Since bridges vary in size, it would not be a true representation of Ohio’s bridge conditions to average together a single score per bridge without figuring in the bridge’s size. The agency calculates a weighted average GA for all bridges by factoring in the total area for each bridge along with its GA, with the target being above the stated goal. ODOT currently maintains approximately 13,898 bridges statewide. 


The average GA of inspected bridges is reported monthly to track the agency’s progress toward its annual goal, and the average for the State Fiscal Year is published annually in the CSF Dashboard.


The data for all statewide bridges is stored in ODOT’s Bridge Maintenance System (BMS). The inspection data is inputted into BMS throughout the year. The weighted average GA is calculated and published quarterly at the State and District levels.


ODOT employs approximately 40 bridge inspectors statewide to perform the annual inspections.  Each District Bridge Engineer reviews the inspection reports and uploads the data into BMS. The Office of Structural Engineering in Central Office collects and maintain this data, and the Office of Systems Planning and Program Management in Central Office reports the data.