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Construction Completion CSF
Construction Completion CSF

Construction Completion CSF

Not all highway projects are alike. This metric tracks how long it takes to complete a highway construction project.

Contract Program


The Contract Program metric measures the agency’s success in planning for its future construction program through the Lockdown process. The Lockdown process occurs once a year on January 15th for the upcoming State Fiscal Year (SFY: July 1st – June 30th). This is the day when the agency forecasts monthly snapshots as well as a total dollar amount for construction projects planned to be sold for the upcoming SFY. These forecasted dollar amounts are then compared
with actual projects sold on both a monthly and annual basis.


Each month throughout the SFY ODOT tracks the dollar amount of projects sold to date next to the planned sales for that date to determine if the agency is on schedule with its planned program, with the annual target being above the stated goal. Adjustments are made to exclude emergency projects and projects planned for but sold in the previous SFY.


The Capital Program metric is reported monthly to track the agency’s progress toward its annual
goal and is published annually in the CSF Dashboard each SFY. 


Each District reports the dollar amount of actual projects sold year-to-date on a monthly basis versus the planned amount of projects to have been sold for the same time period from the Lockdown. The District totals are then combined monthly by the Office of Systems Planning and Program Management into a statewide Capital Program total for the agency.


The Office of Systems Planning & Program Management in Central Office is responsible for calculating and reporting the Capital Program metric.